Hammond fun.

We had a fun few hours last week recording ‘Hammond’ organ for a blues project. Not an original Hammond organ, a modern remake (, but an original Lesley speaker. Recording a real Lesley speaker is a challenge… noisy and windy! Noisy, just because they always are (the ones we’ve been involved with so far anyway) valves and old circuitry and windy because the speakers spin at quite a rate when they get going so mic’ placement is key. All turned our well and sounded brilliant. Played as always with great skill by Mr Tim Hudson.

(These pics show our initial mic’ placement…. the final mic’ placement saw us move the top mic’s further apart but still above pointing down to avoid wind noise on the mic’s from the spinning horn at the top)


Roz Firth – Moonflower

This lovely album was released on 30th August. At The Playroom, Arundel we had a great time working with Roz on recording her lead vocals and then had the pleasure of mastering the album. It’s been well worth all the time and effort for all involved – it sounds great. Thanks to the guys Crimson Craft who got me involved (and they did all the hard work!). #acousticguitar #singersongwriter

Here are a couple of useful links for more info:-

Behind the scenes with snippets of the tunes pre-release video:

Roz Firth:


Headline Party Band head to Monaco F1


These very talented chaps form the Headline Party Band and are heading to Monaco this week to play for @redbullracing during the Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend. Have a great time!

New tunes in the mixer now… watch this space.

Headline Part Band
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