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Stuart Carroll’s Black and White Stripes


We had great fun recording a number of tracks for Stuart Carroll recently.

Stuart Carroll is a singer-songwriter guitarist and on this record is responsible for lead vocals, electric and acoustic rhythm guitars.

Stuart Carroll’s Black and White Stripes – Mad Hatters
Stuart Carroll’s Black and White Stripes – Pipe Dream
Stuart Carroll’s Black and White Stripes – Bright Shining Moon
Stuart Carroll’s Black and White Stripes – Group Thin

Massive thanks go to these guys who also appear on this recording:-
Lewis Harding – Lead guitar;
Danny Edwards – Keyboards and Backing vocals;
Mike Saunders – Bass guitar;
Dave Cottrell – Drums;
Richard Horne – Percussion;
Tim Ede – Additional vocals.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at the Playroom, Arundel.

Charlotte Glasson – Bonito

“This album is inspired by art and the people who are very close to me.” – CG.
A collection of tunes in a ‘World-Jazz’ style recorded live at the Playroom. Mixed and mastered at the Playroom by Mike Saunders. A very talented group of Brighton-based musicians spent a couple of days at the studio to record the 8 tracks on the album.

Charlotte Glasson- Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax, Flute, Violin, Melodica, Saw and percussion
Mark Bassey – Trombone
Chris Spedding – Electric guitar
Chris Kibble – Piano
Sam Dorrell – Sousaphone
Lloyd Coote – Double Bass
Sam Glasson – Drums and percussion

More information and purchasing/download details:-

Terry Pack – Peter Peregrine NL002

Rather than being a collection of individual tunes, this album takes the form of an instrumental story. The music tells of Peter Peregrine, an Anglo-Saxon peasant, whose life is changed forever when he is enlisted as his Norman master’s squire. He is marched across Medieval Europe to take part in the Third Crusade of King Richard ‘the Lionheart’ to wrest Jerusalem from the forces of Saladin, the Sultan of Egypt.

Terry Pack – Peter Peregrine – Harbinger (excerpt)
Terry Pack – Peter Peregrine – Kyrenia (excerpt)
Terry Pack – Peter Peregrine – Let Nothing You Dismay (excerpt)

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Lewis Harding – Palm Thievery – LHM001

Featuring the writing and magical guitar playing of Lewis Harding, this is his first Jazz album. Recorded here at the Playroom, Arundel in 2019 and in-between lockdowns in 2020 with some of the best jazz players in the South:- Julian Nicholas; Charlotte Glasson; Kate Hogg; Martijn Van Galen; Terry Pack; Dave Cottrell; Tom Phelan & Richard Horne. A marvellous, chilled jazz recording. Available from mid-November 2021 on CD and/or download from Bandcamp. Here’s a little montage of the tunes:-

Montage – Lewis Harding – Palm Thievery

Guy Fawkes the Musical – CD / download

Guy Fawkes the Musical – Ben Durkin, Terry Newman, David T Rolleston

This was a big one! 6 years of work, 27 songs, 12 piece band, West End performers including Adam Pearce (Les Miserables Film, Sunset Boulevard, Prince of Egypt); Francesca Leyland (Les Miserables); Waylon Jacobs (Hamilton) and Sandy Grigelis (Sister Act, Now 80’s) all on a beautifully designed Double-CD with 12 page booklet. Thanks to everyone who has been involved – it’s been a great project. Released 5th November 2020. 

Orchestrated, recorded and mixed by Mike Saunders at The Playroom, Arundel and mastered at Abbey Road, by award winning engineer, Andy Walter. Music written by Ben Durkin and the script by Terry Newman. Lyrics by Terry Newman and David T Rolleston.

Further details of the orchestration and recording process here.

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Wyldman – Download

Wyldman Uhambo
Wyldman – Uhambo

The debut track from Wyldman. Brilliantly summer. Written and recorded by Wyldman himself, mixed and mastered here at The Playroom. #ibiza #ambient #summertunes more information:- Spotify

Terry Pack’s Trees – Into The Woods

Terry Pack’s Trees – Into The Woods

Trees Big Band it is a contemporary jazz orchestra led by bassist, composer, arranger and orchestrator Terry Pack containing some of the finest jazz musicians from South East England and beyond. Back in 2017 they launched their first album Heart Of Oak as a CD/DVD combination to critical acclaim in the national press. Numbering over forty players the band is also known locally as the ‘The Unfeasibly Big Band’. The source of almost all of their material comes from within the band itself, always giving them a fresh and immediate feel. Sometimes after a highly successful first release it is difficult to match it the second time around. For this band there has been no such problem, if anything the content here is even more vibrant and has an enhanced modernistic feel about it. Recorded, mixed and mastered here at The Playroom, Arundel. More information:

Dee Palmer – Through Darkened Glass

Dee Palmer – Through Darkened Glass

Dee Palmer (Jethro Tull) released this album of her own songs. Many elements were recorded here at the Playroom, final mixing was done here too by the producer. Dee says: ‘After fifty years in the music business and having worked largely with other people’s music – albeit interspersed with commissions for film and television scores and the occasional, more serious, Cantata, String Quartet, etc – it seemed appropriate to write, record and offer up (particularly to those who have supported my work) an album of original songs, most of which were inspired by events and observations in my life hitherto.’

Lots of great information here:-

Tom Fitzpatrick – Sinatra

The Tom Fitzpatrick Band – The Very Best Of Sinatra. A great collection of classics. Recorded, mixed and mastered here at The Playroom, Arundel.

Here’s a teaser. Tom Fitzpatrick Band.

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