The Playroom is a purpose built recording studio with live room, vocal booth and large
comfortable air-conditioned control room. A fabulous, friendly environment to record in.

Great gear – Great vibe – Great sound

All costs and requirements are discussed and quoted on an individual basis.
We have hourly, daily and weekly rates. Engineer included with all bookings.

Great rates – Great results – Great fun

Also from The Playroom:- ‘remote mixing‘.
Send us individual ‘stems’ (i.e. guitar, vocal, backing vocal), Logic Project (or Garageband)
recorded elsewhere (even your bedroom!) when you’re ready for mixing and we’ll mix.

Working at The Playroom, Arundel is a pleasure, both as a performer and as a producer. The relaxed but very professional atmosphere is highly conducive.
Mike is a highly skilled engineer and producer, and an excellent musician, so that recording is made very easy.
The location, too, is lovely: a beautiful, tranquil spot near Arundel. I can recommend The Playroom, Arundel to anyone serious about recording.-

A relaxed but very professional atmosphere

A marvelous atmosphere that just helps make you feel inspired.



Marvelous atmosphere