The Playroom is a purpose built recording studio with live room, vocal booth and large
comfortable air-conditioned control room. A fabulous, friendly environment to record in.

Great gear – Great vibe – Great sound

All costs and requirements are discussed and quoted on an individual basis.
We have hourly, daily and weekly rates. Engineer included with all bookings.

Great rates – Great results – Great fun

Also from The Playroom:- ‘remote mixing‘.
Send us individual ‘stems’ (i.e. guitar, vocal, backing vocal), Logic Project (or Garageband)
recorded elsewhere (even your bedroom!) when you’re ready for mixing and we’ll mix.

The Playroom Arundel is by far the best studio to achieve exactly what you want. Located in the quiet countryside of Arundel with direct links from London Victoria, I couldn’t ask for a better location to create music.

The space is extremely comfortable with a relaxed, yet professional atmosphere. Mike (Saunders) is a first-class musician, orchestrator, and engineer with years of professional experience.

It is now the only recording studio I use and openly recommend to all my clients.


It is now the only recording studio I recommend to all my clients.

I can’t recommend The Playroom at Arundel highly enough. 

I’ve been involved with several different projects that have been recorded, mixed and mastered there. 

Mike always gets the best results and works quickly and efficiently, he’s knowledgeable on all aspects of the recording process from writing all the way through to distribution.

Not only are the facilities and equipment top of the line but it’s one of the most relaxed and beautiful locations that I’ve ever had the pleasure to visit. 

Can’t wait to get back there! 


Can’t wait to get back there!